Increasing Snapchat Engagement

How To Increase Your Businesses Snapchat Engagement

Does Your Business Use Snapchat?

With Snapchat’s active user base growing year after year, reaching 332 million in 2022, many businesses are turning to the social media platform to reach their target audience, particularly those looking to target 16-30 year olds. Many businesses use Snapchat Business Manager, a platform designed exclusively for businesses looking to enhance their Snapchat engagement and build brand exposure. So, how can you utilise the app effectively to target your intended demographic and raise brand awareness?

  1. Share Your Businesses Snapchat Code On Other Platforms

    When you create a Snapchat account, whether for business or personal use, you are given a unique Snapchat code that allows users to swiftly and easily add/subscribe to the content of your page. This gives you the opportunity to share your personal code to other channels, driving traffic from one platform to another. 

    For example, you might broadcast your snapcode on your Instagram profile and encourage your followers to join your new channel for access to private content. This is an excellent and simple method for increasing your company’s Snapchat engagement.

    1. Use Geofilters

    Geofilters are a type of filter that users can add to their photos. Since this function is location-based, it’s a fantastic method for local companies to communicate with consumers who visit their premises or attend local events. Therefore, creating and using geofilters will enable you to stand out against your local competitors, as well as increase your Snapchat engagement. 

    1. Utilise Snapchat Ads

    Considering the Snapchat audience is extremely engaging and inclined to purchase online, implementing an ad campaign on this platform is worth the money. Snapchat, like other platforms, allows you to alter your daily expenditure to fit your budget. You can also pause your campaigns at any moment and track the success of your advertising via Snapchat’s Ads Manager.

    This allows you to see what is/isn’t working, and what you need to do in order to ensure your snapchat engagement is consistent. However, keep in mind that users do not like to be bombarded with ads, so schedule them accordingly. 

    1. Post Candid Content

    As previously said, people dislike being overwhelmed with adverts. Snapchat users are more likely to engage with material that is honest, real, and relevant. As a result, making it relatable and personal will increase snapchat engagement. Don’t make things too complicated. Being real is what will attract interaction. 

    1. Bring in Influencers

    Making connections with people in business is crucial. Influencers on social media and micro celebrities generate fantastic brand exposure. Allow someone else to take over the Snapchat story for a bit and observe what happens. Fans of the talent who were previously unconnected with the company might become new consumers.

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