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How Web Design Services Can Help your Small Business

Multiple factors can lead to having a successful online presence, web design being one of the main factors. Your web design can either make or break your small business; by making a difference in how your target audience views your business and brand. 

Developing a website design that has a superb user experience results in a better conversion rate, ultimately leading to better business. 

First Impression

Do not underestimate the importance of a good first impression, regardless of who your business’s target audience is. An unattractive website will give your audience the wrong impression about your brand and business, deterring them from your site to your competitors.

Even a business that sells antiques, visitors will expect to see a clean and modern web design with an engaging layout. Here at BeMySocial, we spend our time creating images and videos that will make your business stand out.  

Not only will a slow website potentially lose your business, but major search engines will also consider your site’s loading speed when ranking you in search results. Modernising your website and making sure everything is up to date, will prevent any of these issues. 

Brand Consistency and Trust

Your brand image sets you apart from your market competitors, usually identifying you through your logo. If your business has a unique logo placed across your business either through packages or social media. The elements of the logo must be shown within the website for consistency, so the consumer can associate the website with the branding. 

Your target audience should recognise your business’s brand throughout all types of platforms, to stop confusion amongst your customers. An alteration in your brand gives the impression that something is wrong with your business or that you are untrustworthy. For more information on the importance of your logo design, see our previous article.  


An attractive web page layout can make your brand more appealing to users. Making them want to engage with your website, potentially drawing in new customers. Working to draw people in and be eye-catching as this is where most of your customers will first find you or be sent to by advertising. 

For this reason, web design and development is a fundamental factor that should be taken seriously by every website owner. To ensure your website reaches its full potential it would be beneficial to hire a web design service to create your website or update your pre-existing web pages.  

Search Engine Optimisation 

Investing in a good website enhances a brand’s visibility, this is done by having a good SEO marketing strategy in place.  

Usually, the web design process determines the website’s usability; this influences how the on-page elements come together, such as a shop or news section. Affecting how search engines index your website, making it impossible to gain a better ranking without improving your website’s elements. 

For more information on how to improve SEO, read our previous article

How Can We Help?

Based in Doncaster, our expert web design team specialise in building engaging websites for clients. On top of providing our clients with a great web design, we also provide complete rebranding and marketing services to do as much as we possibly can. So if you’re looking at starting or need a complete remodel of a website, we will be happy to help. By being on hand to create an SEO optimised website with everything your business needs for a great price! 

For a quote or more information on any of our services, fill out our online form today. Alternatively, you can call us directly on 01302 494 050 to speak to a member of our team. To keep up to date with everything we are doing follow us on Instagram!