Online advertising is worlds ahead of traditional advertising

Online Advertising For New Age Business

With the surge of digital marketing and online advertising techniques, the days of traditional marketing appear to be numbered. That pop-up ad that trudges after you as you scroll through Facebook has just caused Steve, the man dressed up as a burger outside the local burger shack, to lose his job. 

Digital marketing and online advertising laud a lot of advantages over traditional marketing. The accessibility of the internet and low-cost advertising techniques are too much for businesses of all sizes to resist. On the internet, there is room for the smallest companies (with very little in terms of budget) to compete with the biggest players within their field.

In this article, we will take a look at the benefits of advertising online and through the various avenues offered by digital marketing. From this article, you can gain a fundamental understanding of why so many companies and businesses around the world are leaving traditional advertising in pursuit of digital advertising.

Online Advertising Never Stops

If you’ve got an ad running on Facebook, for example, it will run for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It doesn’t follow the same nine-to-five schedule as the working man, it simply does not sleep. The advantage this technique holds over Steve the burger man needs no explanation, his arms can’t hold that sign forever.

When done effectively, online advertising can earn you money while you sleep, a concept that could only be dreamt about in previous decades.

Online Advertising Lets You Track Everything

Whether you want to check your advert’s impressions, clicks, likes, shares, sales, conversions and essentially any interaction that an advert can possibly generate.

Accessing this information allows you to create better ads because you are aware of the areas that are most successful and those that aren’t performing well. This is a feature that will improve your profitability over time.  

The beauty of tracking your analytics is that it can be done in real-time. Companies no longer have to wait around to make changes to their advertising campaigns. Now, they encounter a problem and they can rectify it immediately.

Automate Your Lead Generation

Online Advertising campaigns using a marketing method that doesn’t require a watchful eye means that you have access to leads that are being generated automatically. 

Search engine optimisation is a great example of a marketing strategy that operates in the background while you focus your expertise elsewhere.

Having the confidence of a technique like SEO ultimately gives you piece of mind.

Multitasking Capabilities 

It is incredibly easy to set up automated marketing strategies that allow you to cater to different tasks at the same time.

A business’s website can hold thousands of users at one time. While a newsletter that is being emailed around delivers communication to all those that have subscribed to it. The calendar embedded in your domain automatically registers new sales calls to potential customers.

Years ago, this would have taken a task force of trained marketers to conjure up these tasks. Now, all it takes is someone who knows their way around a computer.


There are many more avenues to explore when it comes to digital marketing techniques and the depths of online advertising. We manage adverts on many social media platforms from Facebook to Quora and even to Grindr, we’ve got you covered! If you’d like to learn more, feel free to get in touch with us at Be My Social, a leading digital marketing firm in Doncaster.