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SEO and Digital Marketing: What You Need to Know

In order to build a successful, prominent online brand, there is certain criteria you must meet to attract the right audience. Active social media presence, search engine optimisation (SEO) and a cohesive and easy-to-navigate website all contribute to your business’ development and progress. By hiring a digital marketing agency, you can help your brand thrive by ticking all of those boxes.

To survive online is essential for business growth, especially in this day and age. There are so many aspects to keep on top of in order to ensure stability, and online marketing can be simple if you have the resources. SEO companies and digital marketing services can help you expand your online presence and attract the customers you need, leaving you free to manage your business. Read our article below to see how you can improve your online presence with SEO.

Building a Brand Voice

A company with a distinctive and recognisable brand succeeds far better than those who keep swapping and changing their colour scheme and logo. If you’re just starting out, then these aspects are bound to change as you discover yourself and find your feet. When starting from scratch, think of your target audience, and what they expect. For example, if you’re targeting teens, then try more informal language and brighter colours.

When it comes to SEO and keyword implementation in your marketing strategy, stick to words that your target audience may be searching for. If you’re a clothing company, then figure out your brand voice before indulging in keywords. For instance, if your focus is on young people, informal tones usually work far better than stricter ones.

Content Creation

In order to improve your search engine rankings on platforms like Google, you need to produce high quality written content. These pieces need to include keywords that your audiences are searching for, so that you appear as one of the first results they see. This SEO strategy can lead to an increase in traffic to your site, as well as business revenue. If you choose to hire a digital marketing agency, there are team members in place to get your content marketing and writing up and running.

When generating organic traffic, you need to produce articles alongside your website copy to ensure the brand voice and tone runs through every aspect of your online presence. With SEO, it’s all about search terms and link building, so that Google recognises you as a reliable source. Here at Be My Social, we use a software called Semrush to gather keywords related to your website. We can then use this information to see exactly what your target audience are searching, allowing us to implement this into your copy.

Authority on Google

When you’ve mastered SEO implementation and link building, over time, search engines will begin to recognise you as a reputable source of information. However, ‘keyword stuffing’ can lead to Google awarding you sanctions, which can rank you down. When building your online brand, monitor your keyword usage to ensure you aren’t breaking Google’s sacred rules, and you will soon see your website soar up the rankings.

Here at Be My Social, we provide social media management and SEO in Doncaster and beyond. As a digital marketing agency, we understand how to get you noticed online, allowing you to build your consumers and presence. With greater visibility comes more sales and traffic, and you will soon see your brand take off to new and exciting heights. If you would like more information on how we can help you business, please fill out our online form here.