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Strategic Spotify Advertising: Let Be My Social Lead the Way

First created in Sweden, Spotify was released in the UK in 2009 and has since transformed how we listen to music. Some say that radio is a dying art form, due to the easy accessibility and variety these music streaming services provide. And this is shown in statistics; where 53% of all UK consumers have a Spotify account. So, what about Spotify Advertising?

Here at Be My Social, we offer a wide range of advertising services for companies of all sizes. Even if your business only has up to ten employees, using social media and music platforms is a great way to widen audiences and get further reach of your services.

But, what exactly is Spotify Advertising? And, what are the benefits for your business? Find out more here.

How to Run Spotify Ads

Firstly, you or your business will need to sign in to Spotify Ads Studio. This is where you will manage and create your Spotify AD campaign. Then, the hard part. Creating an advert that will successfully market your brand and the services you provide.

Much like Facebook advertising, you can target specific audiences. It is beneficial to work with an advertising or marketing company that can help you determine which groups would react the best to these adverts. Research should be implemented for the best results.

Then it’s time to create! The Spotify advertising graphics should attract potential customers and showcase what it is your business can offer. Ensure the message is clear; whether this is through imagery, punchy slogans or even audio. All you need to do after is publish and you’re good to go.

However, this can all take time. Spotify ADs should be monitored to watch their progress (negative or positive). Hire a marketing agency that is experts in the advertising field to ensure this.

How to Measure Spotify Advertising

Once the Spotify ADs have been approved and running, you can then monitor its progress with a range of statistics provided by the platform:

  • Impressions – number of times the advert is displayed on a screen
  • Reach – number of users who have seen the advert
  • Clicks – number of users that have clicked on the advert
  • Click-through rate (CTR) – the number of clicks the advert receives divided by the times it is shown

Why Companies Should Have a Spotify AD Campaign

The massive number of users on Spotify is one of the most appealing aspects of advertising on the platform. The greater the number of users on a platform, the better. As a result, the number of people you can reach has risen. A larger audience means a higher conversion rate.

Furthermore, according to a Statista analysis from the third quarter of 2021, Spotify grew its user base to well over 381 million active users. In recent years, this number has climbed. Premium customers account for 83 million of these consumers. That is to say, they do not pay for advertisements. However, there are more than 250 million users who are free.

You should concentrate your advertising efforts on this vast and free user base. As a result, Spotify can be a good advertising channel. It is one of the most widely used digital radio systems. You’ll be ahead of the competition if you can harness the power of Spotify’s audience.

Be My Social

Be My Social is a digital marketing company that focuses on a wide range of services to improve a company’s online presence. Whether this is creating bespoke graphics for social media channels or online advertising campaigns. Our team will surely be able to help with whatever goal you have for your company’s growth.

At Be My Social, our advertising experts understand which social media platforms will be the best for your business and are there every step of the way. From your first Spotify ad to creating innovative content, we are here to help! Find out more about our Spotify advertising services here.

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