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Technical SEO; More Than Just Content

When most people think of an effective SEO strategy, they think it relies solely on the web content and routinely ensuring that articles are posted onto the site. Whilst this is true for the most part; effective, reliable SEO is also down to the technicalities of what generates traffic and conversion. Trying to perfect an SEO campaign on your own can be quite difficult, but by turning to local SEO services, you can rest assured that you’re leaving your online content in professional hands.

Here at Be My Social, we are a fully comprehensive social media marketing agency dedicated to successful content marketing services. Our expertise in SEO strategies means we can help boost your position on search engines such as Google; with both professionally written content and technical optimisation. Want to find out more about effective SEO? Read our latest article below.

Page Load Speed

Even if you’ve written the most engaging and inspiring piece of content that’s ever been crafted; if your page doesn’t load quickly enough, readers will get bored and leave. The longer a page takes to load, the more potential customers and audiences will be inclined to leave your page. In fact, a site that takes one to six seconds to load has a bounce rate of 106%; compared to 32% for a site that takes one to three seconds to load.

By changing your image format to WebP and improving your technical SEO; Google will recognise your page loading speed and bump you up the search engine rankings. As a dedicated SEO agency, we understand the importance of technical SEO and will be sure to get you well on the way.

Site Security

With new websites, you may sometimes notice that the little lock symbol next to your URL is broken. This may say “site not secure”. When potential customers see this, it’s an instant red flag, and can quickly make them turn away from your site. With so many warnings out there telling us to buy from unsecured sites, it’s extremely important that you make sure your online security is airtight.

To do this, you need to purchase a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate through the service that hosts your website or separate if that function isn’t available. Here at Be My Social, we can host your website and set up your SSL; leaving you with fewer technical issues to worry about.

Duplicate Content

A big no-no when it comes to SEO and written content is when it’s plagiarised. Stealing someone else’s content is not only an insult to the original poster, but Google will rank you down significantly for large amounts of plagiarised content. This could affect your entire business and how you operate online. This is why it’s best to have completely original content to keep Google sweet.

Your online content and social media strategy are essential to helping your business thrive in such a competitive market. By turning to Be My Social, our national and local SEO services include professional content writing dedicated to your brand and audience.

Ease of Access

A website that’s hard to navigate can severely affect your conversion and traffic, cutting your business off at the knees. Functioning, attractive web design is also a key component in your technical SEO strategy. An easy-to-use website leads to happy customers. To improve your web design and ease of access, consider turning to a successful web development agency like us here at Be My Social.

For national and local SEO services, Be My Social have a proven track record of successful campaigns in SEO, social media marketing and advertisements. To find out more about our services, please visit us here.