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5 Questions to Ask a Marketing Agency

If you’ve decided to seek out the help of a marketing agency, chances are you’re trying to create an online presence for your brand. In a technologically advanced age where everyone is online, it’s never been more important to get noticed online. There are a range of different ways to accomplish this, such as active social media platforms, online content creation and content marketing. To successfully implement all of this, you might need to recruit a social media management agency.

Here at Be My Social, we create content, manage social media accounts and implement search engine optimisation (SEO) to help you rank higher on search results. Having a thriving online presence is crucial to the expansion and survival of a business in today’s modern age. When looking for search engine optimisation services and social media agencies to improve your online presence, you only want the best.

When comparing quotes, there are a few questions you need to ask before making your final choice.

What Services Do You Offer?

Whether you’re wanting full service marketing solutions or just a few services, it’s always important to ask exactly what an SEO service offers. Some may only offer SEO management and content creation for websites to improve search engine rankings. Others may provide this plus the management of social media channels and web design. It’s worth asking this question whether you want a full or service or not, because you might be missing out.

Some brands may think they only need SEO, but once they’ve heard what an agency has to offer, they’re intrigued. Allow a service to explain what they offer, and if you still only want one particular service, that’s completely fine. 

Do You Provide SEO and Content Creation?

Although this might have been explained by asking the question above, it’s still worth double-checking. SEO and content creation helps you rank higher on search engines, and can increase traffic to your site and overall revenue. SEO is a long term commitment, but as you see your site climb up Google’s results, it’s worth it.

Here at Be My Social, we implement SEO in Doncaster and beyond. We use a service called Semrush to track keywords that your target audience are searching before implementing it into your website copy. By generating nationwide and local SEO, you can attract both a native audience and one further afield.

Do You Manage Social Media?

For most brands, successful management and engagement in their social media accounts is essential to their growth as a business. An active social media account shows potential audiences that you’re a reputable brand, and a positive attitude towards those who comment builds up a notable reputation. Most marketing agencies have social media experts who can develop plans and content for your channels in order to improve engagement.

Be My Social are a social media management agency based in Doncaster, offering social media strategies and content plans to businesses across the country. 

Can I Request Social Media Advertisements?

If you’re looking to become visible to a wider audience with your brand on social media, especially Facebook, then social media advertising is the way to go. Not all marketing agencies offer advertising, so make sure that you ask what it involves and how much it may cost.

As well as operating a successful social media management agency, we here at Be My Social offer advertising based upon a sample audience who may be interested in your product. This target audience will see your advert on their Facebook timeline, encouraging revenue and engagement.

What Are Your Prices?

Depending on the service you require, most marketing agencies will offer bespoke prices for different plans. Of course, a full service option will cost more than a single service plan, but it’s always worth asking an agency for a quote before you proceed.

Our prices are bespoke to each business and what they require, however we are always willing to negotiate on a six month basis. If you would like to find out more about our social media management agency and our services, please fill out our online form.