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How Digital Marketing Services Can Benefit Businesses

As the world is becoming more and more online, businesses should incorporate digital marketing services into their strategies to increase traffic and engagement for their product. It is vital to have these viral moments. The moments that interest people and make them want to learn more about what you’re trying to sell.

Here are a few examples of past successful digital marketing campaigns and tips on how these can be used in your own business.

Advertising and Storytelling

Since TV advertisements became popular, there have always been those watercooler moments that make people talk. From 1987 to 1993, Nescafe marketed their new product by releasing a string of adverts featuring a couple (Anthony Head and Sharon Maughan) that begin an affair over a cup of Gold Blend coffee. Branded as the “Gold Blend Couple”, it was one of the first successful examples of serialised advertising, as each 45-second clip furthered the narrative, even ending on cliffhangers similar to popular soap operas of the time such as Dynasty and Eastenders

Using storytelling in digital marketing campaigns can increase engagement and interest in products. Your audience wants to know what happens to these characters they see every day; much like in other forms of entertainment. It can also appear to viewers a less ‘pushy’ way to advertise. The advert isn’t necessarily forcing you to buy the product, like some companies. It is presenting an entertaining narrative that includes the product, relying on this to interest viewers to continue. It is essentially letting them decide whether your product is worth it. 

Compare the Meerkat is a good example of how using storytelling in their digital marketing services can further interest. Starting in 2009, Compare the Market first released its advert with popular “Aleksandr” and an accompanying website comparethemeerkat.com (that now, unfortunately, has been taken down). This strategy went viral, with the site’s overall sales doubling. From this, entire narratives have been invented, including the discovery of ‘meerpup’ “Oleg”. It followed a typical narrative structure, with an emotional ending for those viewers that had been following throughout.

By using recognisable characters, companies can easily create a brand identity that is unique to them. 

Film Digital Marketing Campaigns

With the turn of the 21st century, films no longer had to rely on 1-minute trailers to attract attention. They could use the handy new invention: the internet. 

Probably the most famous digital marketing strategy for a film would be 1999’s The Blair Witch Project. It is known for being the film that kickstarted both the genre of ‘found-footage’ horror and using digital marketing services to generate buzz and word-of-mouth attention. The directors created a website (again, unfortunately, has now been taken down) that detailed the ‘legend’ of the Blair Witch and included missing posters of the three main characters. It cleverly marketed the film as a documentary and not as a fictional story. Only having a budget of less than $500,000, the film went viral as it implemented various marketing tools and this success led to it gaining over $200 million at the box office. 

These digital marketing campaigns are great at showing and not telling. Trailers usually just state what the plot is and use action shots to make audiences want to see it. However, having an online presence such as websites or social media can make viewers want to explore and learn more.

Though you might not be selling a film, you can still use this way of marketing in your strategies. By having a social media management company, your business can attract and gain more followers with daily interactive posts. Films such as Anchorman 2 constantly built up buzz by having the main character Ron Burgundy post to Twitter. Will Ferrell himself even contributed and interacted in character with viewers and fans.  

The Future? The MetaVerse

From adverts to the internet, to social media… The new craze seems to be focusing on the Metaverse. Unveiling his intentions to prioritise the Metaverse in his company, Mark Zuckerberg has stated that it is the next stage of the internet and will be a feeling of presence in society. 

It will also impact how companies can implement digital marketing services. 

The Metaverse is a virtual always-online world that is accessed through VR/AR technologies. Similar to the Oasis in Ready Player One, millions of people globally will be able to access its features. Businesses may have to incorporate this in their campaigns, as they can reach massive audiences at the same time. Brands such as Gucci, Disney and Facebook are in the midst of creating virtual worlds, products, merchandise, art and even fashion. 

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