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How PPC Advertising can help your business grow

Many online businesses encounter the same fate when it comes to growing their identity. They tend to hit an invisible wall in the search for rapid growth, causing sales to stagnate; a feature no business sets out to achieve. SEO is an efficient way to conjure up leads but, it can take months or even years to source desirable network traffic. Enter PPC advertising.

What is PPC Advertising?

‘PPC’, abbreviated for ‘Pay Per Click’ does exactly what it says on the tin. To put it into perspective, imagine if the film poster on the side of your morning bus generated revenue for each person that looked at it. Although this sounds like an excellent idea, we haven’t considered those who don’t see the ad. 

Advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram that charge by the impression can leave companies feeling deflated with the success of their ads.

This is where PPC utilises the company’s advertising budget, developing a stream of income based on the users who interact with social media posts and online links that lead back to a brand’s desired landing page.

Is it worth it?

Pay-Per-Click allows you to actively target (and retarget) users that have a genuine interest in your product or service. It focuses on accumulating customers that are effectively searching for what you have to offer.

Choosing PPC advertising will allow you to successfully hold onto a chunk of your budget as it enables advertisers to pay less for exposure within Google’s Adwords product listings and yet they will still look to boost a customer’s basket value upon checkout or sign users up for further marketing.

Another unique advantage of PPC advertising is the lasting impression your brand can have over customers. If your product is gripping then you will have the edge over the wave of big name companies trying to secure your customer.

Are there any downsides?

  • Click Fraud – This occurs when individuals within a site’s network traffic access a link to the brand’s site and then immediately exit the site; resulting in the advertiser being charged and reducing the practicality of their advertising strategy.
  • Partner Network Fraud – Using our monitoring platforms aided in the discovery of this abnormality. We could see that amongst the site’s network traffic there were users accessing the landing page, navigating briefly and then exiting the site. This is a behavior commonly associated with bot activity and is created to obtain the website referral fee. Following a consultation with our search partners, the issue was subsequently resolved.
  • Aggressive Competition – No matter what your target audience is or what niche you are trying to reach; there will always be fierce competition jostling for the same customer.

Is PPC Advertising right for my business?

A Pay-Per-Click advertising strategy requires you to know exactly what the correct ingredients are in order to establish success. Jumping in with only a brief understanding could cause the overall cost of sales to spiral. It is vital to set and agree to expectations at the beginning of the process. Likewise, it is equally important to allow the test and learn phase.

Smaller businesses will be expected to prepare for the initial investment to feature a fully sunk cost. This applies to those working via an agency and particularly to those opting to complete this venture alone.

Selecting hired help will also incur fees. In an ideal scenario, we would like to confirm that PPC advertising will help in transforming your business but, in reality to achieve a fully functional PPC advertising blueprint, you will need to invest time and money.

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