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How Professional SEO Can Benefit Your Business

Hiring professional SEO services is an easy way to create long-term awareness for your online presence. Unlike other marketing services, such as social media and advertising, SEO does not give you results straight away; it is a process that may take a few different strategy attempts before seeing results. Yet, it is a great way to result and expands your visibility around the local and even national area. 

It all depends on the SEO strategy used. Content involves a copy creator writing articles or blogs that are optimised with keywords and uploading them onto a website. But, the writer is targeting the content specifically to please Google; making it easier for their bots to crawl the website and make the website more credible. On-page SEO includes website copy on pages such as “About Us” and “Products”, working alongside the content. Technical or Off-page SEO is everything that isn’t seen; for example meta descriptions and page speed. 

It is all done to make your website more noticeable on search engines. Work with a professional digital marketing company to find the best strategy for you. This could be primarily weekly articles or a combination of all three. It’s what is specifically best for you! Find out more of what professional SEO can do for your business below.

Increase Organic Traffic

SEO marketing strategies mainly focus on making a website credible and making it rank higher on search engines such as Google. It also increases the number of people that will see your website. A good idea is to look at your competitors; look at what keywords they are ranking high for. Then, you can incorporate these into your SEO content, as you can see it has worked previously. This will increase organic traffic and attract customers who may have never heard of you.

This is also key if you are targeting your local area. Odds on, people will search specific terms such as “electricians near me” rather than simply “electrician”. It makes the search more narrow and local businesses can easily incorporate this into their SEO strategy to make your company rank on the first page. That is the main goal for professional SEO content. We want to optimise your website in order to improve your business.


Good For Small Businesses

As previously mentioned, professional SEO can help attract larger groups of people that you would have never reached on other platforms. This is great for SMEs that are just starting out. Having an SEO strategy is a cost-effective solution for gaining traffic; whether it is doing it yourself or hiring local SEO services. Ideal for small businesses. 

It also adds good content to your website. Quality content is essential to make your website seem legit and adds to your overall marketing image. You can use the articles to relate to key holidays and the latest news reports surrounding your company. It shows your customers that you are keeping your blogs fresh and do stay up-to-date with current affairs.

Easy to Track Progress

Though it can be a slow process, you can easily monitor how the SEO is affecting your online presence. Tools such as SEM Rush or SE Ranking can track a website’s location on search engines by its main keywords. For example, if you are a solicitor based in London, your business will want to rank high on phrases such as “London solicitors” or “London lawyers”.

From this, your SEO content writer can choose to focus on a specific keyword and incorporate it into articles. This should increase its ranking on SERP and improve the company’s overall visibility. 

Be My Social

Here at Be My Social, we offer a range of SEO professional services for companies of all sizes. Our team of SEO specialists have experience in content, on-page and technical SEO; collaborating together to ensure that business pages are fully optimised for Google and other search engines. Our marketing team will then give you a full report after 30 days, showing you exactly how your website has improved and what should be altered in the next month’s strategy. Not just professional SEO, we also offer a wide range of marketing services including graphic design and social media marketing.

For more information on our services, or to receive a quote, fill in our online form. One of our team will shortly be in touch to see how we can help you. Or, why not follow us on Instagram? Our social media team posts regular updates on how to improve your online presence; all straight to your feed.