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How to Boost Your SEO with User Experience Points

Positive user experience is vital to the success of your website and online presence. Potential customers or clients who have a bad experience will, more than likely, decide to proceed without your services. Good user experience stems from a range of factors, such as content, imagery and loading times. Search engine optimisation (SEO) services are important in helping your web page rank higher on search engines like Google; but how can user experience benefit its cause?

Here at Be My Social, we provide expert social media management, web design and SEO in Doncaster and across the country; helping clients boost their online presence and attract the right target audience. Where you fall on search engine rankings determines how many potential customers see your site and visit it. They need to have a positive experience once they get there in order to stay…

Content Creation

The generic content on your site explains who you are and what you do, as well as setting the tone of voice that relates to your target audience. Blog posts are also great for providing more information, but their main purpose is boosting your SEO. Content is crafted to enhance the customer experience. By implementing the keywords that your audience is searching for; you can reach them better by appearing higher on search engine results.

Google is incredibly clever; it scans your website to determine your reliability and professionalism, allowing you to rank higher. Websites with bad user experience (UX) will rank lower, as Google can tell that the website is not performing optimally. By implementing effective SEO strategies, you can make Google and your target audience happy. By answering questions your target audience needs to know, you’re providing a service as well as benefitting your own cause.

Language Processing

New technological advancements such as BERT are aiding Google in their mission to understand what users are expecting to see when they search for a query. They now have a ‘Passages algorithm’, which allows users to jump straight to the information they need within a webpage (you may see it highlighted in yellow).

Before this, Google was unable to rank web pages with long-form text accurately. Now, users with a question can find the answer they need quicker. By implementing an effective SEO campaign, you can get your web page onto the first page of Google. If you would like to find out more about our SEO services as well as our other digital marketing services; please visit us here.

On-Site Experiences

Broken websites, web pages without SSL certificates or plagiarised copy can all affect how you rank on Google. It will see your site as untrustworthy, and can severely hinder your business. How users interact with your website and how long they stay there will all be considered by Google, and your SEO will more than likely be impacted by any updates that take place.

SEO Services in Doncaster

Here at Be My Social, we can provide you with a fully functioning website and conduct an effective SEO strategy that helps you rank higher on Google. If you would like to find out more, you can fill out our online form, or you can give us a call on 01302 315 077.