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How Can SEO Packages Help Lower Your Website’s Carbon Footprint?

At Be My Social, we are a local digital marketing company that provides various services for all our customers. All in different ways. We understand the importance of SEO packages and how the correct strategy can improve traffic and sales for a business. But, what about other sustainable factors?

When thinking about lowering the planet’s carbon footprint, many might think all you need to do is recycle more and switch to an electric vehicle. And though this is helpful, there are ways your digital marketing strategy can actually help.

In truth, whether we can see it or not, the internet and websites have a very substantial environmental impact. According to reports, internet use is responsible for 3.7% of all worldwide carbon emissions. Without intervention, the figure is predicted to increase by 2025.

Find out how you can reduce your website’s carbon footprint with the correct SEO packages.

Does My Website Have a Carbon Footprint?

Even though you don’t see it, yes. All websites, on some level, add to global emissions; regardless of the size. Though, certain websites are carbon-neutral rather than negatively affect the planet’s carbon footprint. This typically involves giving back to the planet to replace the carbon emissions used; for example, planting trees. The main players, Google, are currently carbon-neutral and plan to be carbon-free by 2030.

The carbon footprint of your website is divided into three categories:

  • Data storage: how your website’s data is saved on servers and who has public access
  • Data transfer: when a visitor accesses your website and the data is retrieved and sent.
  • Processing power: the amount of energy your computer expends to load page elements.

Find out your website’s carbon footprint here.

How Can SEO Packages Help Reduce My Website’s Carbon Footprint?

Both copy creation and technical SEO packages can help lower carbon emissions and overall sustainability of a website. You just need the right SEO strategy and professionals that know what they are doing. Here are just a few ways local SEO services can help your business:

1) Improve website page speed – No one likes a slow webpage. That’s why it is one of the factors that Google takes into consideration when crawling. However, it can also help lower your website’s carbon footprint. This is because faster web pages mean that your user has less time to wait. Less energy is used is then used, meaning fewer carbon emissions are generated. Technical SEO can help this by using web-safe fonts rather than custom; including a cashing solution; and using mobile-friendly pages.

2) Focus on high-quality content – This sounds like a no-brainer. But, your content plays a vital part in both gaining more traffic and lowering your carbon emissions. Users will cease bouncing from site to site in search of the proper information if they are presented with relevant and high-quality material. You can reduce the number of carbon emissions generated by each page load if you can offer the proper information to your readers the first time. Copy creators can ensure these questions are answered, by using research and other SEO tools.

3) Optimise images – Technical SEO specialists focus on a number of factors each month to improve a website. And this includes the images. Images, videos and other multimedia features have a significant impact on the weight of your website. Consider whether you really need all of them and whether they provide any benefit to the user. From this, most SEO packages will implement tactics in fully optimising these media files; by reducing the size and changing the format.

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All of these can help lower a website’s carbon footprint and help contribute to a wider sustainable plan. That’s why it is vital to find the best SEO packages that can combine both innovative copy creation with technical SEO skills.

Here at Be My Social, we provide local SEO services that are specifically catered for each individual customer. Our team has experience in copy, technical and on-page. Find out how we can help you today with our SEO packages.

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