social media agency for business

Should You Use a Social Media Agency for Business?

In short, yes. End of article.

According to Sprout Social, 55% of consumers learn about new brands specifically on social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook. In the ever-changing society where more and more content is posted online, it has become essential for businesses to make sure their social media presence is reaching the widest audience possible, with a clear voice seen in all posts. 

As a social media agency, Be My Social offers a range of digital marketing tools to support businesses in their growth. Below are some helpful tips on why boosting your social media presence is important for your company and its progression.

Show Authenticity

Websites can often seem robotic as they should inform potential clients what your service is about. They are usually factual, to the point and can come across as monotonic, especially for professional industries.

However, social media is a relatively new invention in regard to business growth. Only after the last decade has it come into its own, serving different generations in creative and innovative ways. It can also be used in this way for businesses. 

Already, it feels a lot more informal, casual and even could humanise companies to audiences. What the company posts don’t need to be about the business and its services. They could be random questions, quotes or even posts related to current affairs and pop culture.

It shows audiences that there is a person behind the posts. Companies should have their own voice and opinions on certain things. 

Helpful Tips:

  • Have a schedule. Post the same time each week or each month so your viewers can expect and await what it is you have to say.
  • Have guest editors. Maybe switch up your posts by using different members of the team.  

Engaging with Target Audiences

As specified by Sprout Social, 68% of customers in 2021 agreed that social media enables them to connect with companies. Usually, websites have a contact form for further questions about services, yet to some, this could feel disconnected and that their message will not get read.

On the other hand, using social media features such as Facebook and Instagram polls can start communication between the company and its viewership. Asking audiences direct questions, whether it is related to the business or random, can also gauge what works and what doesn’t work. It could affect the content posted to the actual website and increase traffic there also.

Monitoring how many likes, or maybe dislikes, on posts is also key to seeing what parts of your company’s online profile are the most successful. Using a social media agency can assist with this and make sure the customer feedback is only positive.

Helpful Tips:

  • Use hashtags. By incorporating specific hashtags you can link your posts with your customers who may post about your products. 
  • Share posts. Don’t just post your own content. You could share other companies that you admire or even your customers who are using your services.

Enhanced SEO Rankings

Social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, can also be used as search engines. Customers may feel more comfortable finding a company’s social media profile, before going to their website. It can tell someone what the company’s voice is and how they present themselves.

Having a strong social media presence also means that these websites are more likely to be on the first page of the Google or Bing search. This is key if posting is done weekly or monthly.

Helpful Tips:

  • Check your keywords. Using SEO tools and making sure your keywords are in posts can help increase traffic on your social media.
  • Use Backlinks. Links to your company’s social media profiles or articles will increase SEO and help the page’s ranking.

Benefits of Using a Social Media Agency

Using an external social media agency can help businesses feel more comfortable with their social media. For some companies, social media may be an alien invention and they may not know how to use certain platforms, like TikTok or Pinterest. 

Social media management agencies have dedicated teams that know and understand the ins and outs of what works for social media. They will make sure there is a tight schedule to fully optimise a strong profile and have a clear voice.

Usually, a social agency will provide monthly reports. This can include what keywords are most searched for and what phrases are bringing in the most traffic. They can also tell you where you place on the search engine page and what can be done to improve these results. 

Be My Social is a social media management company that specialises in making businesses’ online presence as strong as possible. Check out our Instagram for daily updates and helpful tips. Or fill out our contact form for more detailed information on our services.