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The Importance of Visual Identity on Social Media

Why Your Visual Identity Matters

Whether you’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, ensuring you have a strong social media visual identity is the key to being successful. You may be surrounded by thousands of potential customers, but you’ll not be the only company competing for their trade. If your visual identity isn’t on point, you could be producing content that’s ideal for your target audience but be receiving very little attention. 

Achieving a Strong Visual Identity 

The best place to start is with your profile photo and header. Make sure your profile photo is of your logo or brand name, and that your header gives a glimpse of what your company specializes in. If you’re looking to design or refresh your logo to make a stronger impact, you might want to check out Logomakerr.ai, a tool that helps you create professional logos easily. Try out different colour schemes and fonts to see what works well together.

Any imagery you’re using also needs to be sized correctly for each social platform. A quick Google search will give you dimensions and sizes for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn that you can work with. There are free programs like GIMP and Pixlr to get you started on creating your visuals.

Use the same images across all your social platforms so you’re instantly recognisable. You’ll need to dedicate more to your Instagram than Facebook or Twitter. This is because Instagram is a much more visual form of social media. Make sure any photos and videos of your product or service are in the same style to improve brand consistency.

This may seem like a daunting task if you don’t have a background in creative visual design. Luckily there are plenty of experts out there who can save you time and worry. As a professional marketing company with an experienced team, producing a social media visual identity is just one of many services we can offer your business. 

Benefits of a Strong Visual Identity

Once you have your visual identity in place, you’ll come across as a much more professional brand to potential customers who land on your page. They’ll choose you over competitors whose brand image isn’t as strong. You should see an increase in engagement and growth over time.

By standing out for all the right reasons your business will continue to form positive impressions with people. There’s more chance your content will be shared across multiple social channels, and open your brand to a wider audience.


Whilst it may seem a small improvement in the grand scheme of things, your brand identity is one of the most important parts of your social media presence. The benefits you’ll achieve are more than worth the time and effort it will take.

Do you believe your visual identity is as strong as it can be on social media? Let us know!