why technical seo is important

Why Should You Use Technical SEO?

Looking to improve your website’s visibility on search engines? You might be selling one of a kind products, but if your page isn’t one of the first choices on Google, how will people know? By fully optimising different elements of your website, you can increase viewership and engage with new clients, eliminating a bounce rate and improving your business. All by just using Technical SEO.   

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of ensuring a website is as visible as possible on web directories such as Google or Bing. For more information on SEO management services, visit Be My Social’s page.

There are different ways SEO can be used in this way:

  • On-Page SEO     

This is the content you publish through web pages and articles. By making sure the work is well-written and engaging can attract natural traffic regardless of the SEO. However, by looking at your keywords and which ones could potentially boost your appearance on Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP), scattering these amongst your articles can also help bring in new readers, improve SEO and fully optimise your business. 

  • Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is everything that is outside of your website. This includes link building; directing traffic to your website by having the link feature on other websites, such as social media platforms. Having other websites link to yours gives the site authority for Google. It will improve your authenticity and legitimacy as a company website, improving its position on SERP.

  • Technical SEO

What we’re here to dive into though, is Technical SEO and why it is important to fully take advantage of this feature. Technical SEO is usually the best place to start when wanting to improve SEO and traffic to your website. It involves all the technical aspects of a webpage, such as page speed, security and structure, and works to fully optimise this for Google crawler bots.

Below is a list of Technical SEO features that should fully be optimised to improve your website.

Mobile Friendly

Technology is ever-changing and ever-improving as the years go on. Gone are the brick Nokia’s you played snake on. Now, phones have become so advanced, they are essentially like laptops and computers. It is important to make sure your website is easily accessible and viewable on mobile devices; including the links and page structure.

Chances are your readers are on the go and are reading your content on their phones. Google has even said they index mobile-first, so optimising this feature will improve your visibility on search engines.

Page Speed

This is considered a very important ranking feature. Remember the internet, when pages loaded at an agonisingly slow rate?

No one wants that.

If your page buffers, readers are more likely to go back and find a website that won’t; even if your information would be much more helpful and informative. There are many ways to improve page speed, including compressing your web pages (through GZIP) and ensuring your image files are as small as possible.


These are the “bots” or “spiders” that search through your web content in order to determine its place on SERP. They will crawl your site page by page, making sure all your links are functional and organise their visibility on search engines from its heading, content and keywords used. Having an index structure on your website can help your crawlable rate and make it easier for the bots to find their way through your pages. It is also important to test that your links are working and do take a reader to the site it states.

There are different ways to optimise your crawl rate by using technical SEO. For example, internal linking can help bots understand your website structure better and allow them to analyse the information at a quicker rate. Also, regularly updating new content for your website can attract more attention, not just from your audience, but for crawlers as well. If they already know your structure through technical SEO, they can examine your work at a much higher rate and fully optimise your place on SERP.

Register your SEO

Google Search Console is a free tool that allows your website to be submitted for indexing. It allows you to easily check your page ranking and what is working for your site and what needs improving. 

Tools like these have many different features, including the ability to receive email alerts on issues and ways to improve them. For companies that do not understand technical SEO, or want to further their visibility on Google, this may be a good solution. However, for those who want more of a personal human connection, there are alternatives.

Why Work With a Professional SEO Company?

As aforementioned, it is important to take advantage of these techniques and to improve SEO for your business. However, this can take up time and resources that your team cannot afford to lose. By hiring an SEO marketing agency, you are handing over the reins to an outside source that is dedicated to fully optimising your content. It is your choice on how involved you are in this process. Content writers can publish as many articles as requested, making sure keywords are featured throughout the article and meta description. SEO specialists can also make sure your page speed is as fast as possible and optimise the level of backlinks connected to your website.

By handing over to a professional SEO company allows you to focus on the more important parts of the business, without leaving you worried no one can find your website. 

Be My Social is a professional SEO company that offers services for social media management, advertisements and website design. Our dedicated team have a range of skills and will find out what you specifically need for your company to grow. For more information, fill out our contact form and a member of our team will get back to you. Alternatively, check out our Instagram for helpful tips on anything from technical SEO to the latest relatable meme.