Social media marketing

Building a Marketing Plan with Social Media

In a more technologically advanced age, marketing and advertising is no longer limited to word-of-mouth or TV advertisements. With most people spending their time on social media nowadays, it seems like the most practical idea to start there. You can do this organically, or opt for paid for advertisements, but there are certain steps you should follow before taking to your social media channels. As a social media marketing agency, we’re here to help.

Here at Be My Social, we can craft graphics and copy for your paid advertisements, as well as managing your social media accounts by scheduling posts and implementing an effective marketing strategy. Read our article below to see how you can boost the visibility of your products or services on social media. 

Engagement and Analysis

First things first, before opting for paid social media advertisements, look towards engaging with your target audience first. By posting regularly, following a theme and answering comments, you can make it clear that you’re a professional business to be trusted. Digital marketing and brand awareness all starts with how you come across to your audience, including your tone of voice and how polite you are. Make sure you aren’t reserved or rude, and that your social media platforms follow the same pattern of posts.

As a social media agency here in Doncaster, we can help you develop a social media strategy by analysing how your audience is engaging with your posts, and we can look into what to drop and what to focus on. This allows us to schedule posts we know your audience will engage with, thus increasing sales.

Paid Advertisements

Another effective way to increase revenue and engagement is by investing in paid advertising and content marketing. Most businesses, whether established or just starting out, opt for paid advertisements as a sure-fire way to generate leads and attract custom. You pay for how many leads you gather, so the more leads, the less you pay. A dedicated social media team can monitor these advertisements, and let you know whether they’re performing well.

Here at By My Social, we provide social media management, graphic and web design and SEO in Doncaster and to businesses across the UK. We can design your advertisements for you, and monitor their progress before producing new ones for you to use. To view our range of services, please visit us here.

Relay Back to your Website

When deciding what service or product to promote, look back at the sales you’ve been generating on your website. Consider what product is performing best, what isn’t doing so well, and what you want to focus on. Some people consider their best selling product as their asset, and will put focus on that in their marketing campaign. Others want to promote their services or products that aren’t selling so well in order to boost sales. Whichever you choose, our social media marketing agency is here to help.

We can advise on the best course of action to take when looking at advertisements, and give our expert opinion, although the final decision is yours. We also provide professional web design and search engine optimisation, in order to improve your visibility online and help you rank for the keywords your target audience are searching for.

Our social media team can do everything from campaign management to Reddit advertising. To find out more information, or to receive a bespoke quote, please fill out our online form here.