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Google Marketing 2022: The Latest Innovations | Be My Social

Each year, Google Marketing Live brings together marketers from all around the world to discuss the best practices and learn more about the latest Ads and Commerce developments. And, as a digital marketing agency, here at Be My Social, we make sure we know the biggest announcements that occurred at the 2022 edition.

This year, new approaches to advertising strategies were unveiled to help marketers build long-term resilience. With a keynote address and 16 modifications to Google Ads, we are here to dive into the most significant revelations.

Performance Max

Google’s newest strategy, Performance Max, refers to a strategy that focuses on allowing performance advertisers to access all their inventory from a single campaign. Through this, there have been many updates on Performance Max revealed during this year’s event. For example, in-store goals will now be available; possessing the ability to optimise toward sale goals to drive more in-shop sales and local actions.

There is also a new optimisation score for Performance Max campaigns, as Google continues to double down on automation. These automated optimisation tips will help marketers how to better cater for their campaigns with helpful recommendations. All rolling out globally now after Google Marketing Live. 

As a digital advertising agency, this can help our experts more successfully target your digital marketing strategy. Find out more about our advertising services here.

Video Ads

Advertisers that are currently conducting video action campaigns and app campaigns will see their advertising automatically scale to fit YouTube shorts, Google’s TikTok competitor.

Because shorts are limited to one minute in duration, advertisers may wish to tighten up and refine their creativity. This is now being sent out to marketers around the world, so make sure to track and annotate your results.

In addition, digital marketing experts will be able to attach product feeds to campaigns later this year to create shoppable video ads on YouTube Shorts. Google has been testing advertisements in YouTube Shorts since last year and is now slowly handing them out to marketers around the world.

This is a “critical step on our way to establishing a long-term Shorts monetization solution for our creators,” according to Google. 


At Be My Social, we have spoken before about Google’s mission to focus more on mobile-friendly content. As phones become more advanced, chances are your audience will be viewing your services whilst out and about. Does anyone even turn their computer on to just Google something anymore? There’s no need since the latest phone technology turns your mobile devices into mini-computers. So, having a mobile-friendly website can help improve your ranking on Google search pages.

And the same goes for ads now. Google Marketing Live 2022 revealed that there will be mobile-first layouts to allow marketers to showcase adverts on a full-screen vertical ad inventory. Also, based, on the product feed, Google is delivering scrollable advertising and videos.

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