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A strong brand is much more than a pretty face. But that doesn’t mean having a beautiful face isn’t important. Your brand’s trademark look and feel will make it easily recognisable in a crowded market, this is known as brand design. Strategic, deliberate design is required to produce a visual identity that refuses to be ignored. But what is the process involved in designing a brand?

The Basics of Brand Design

Brand design is the process of developing a brand’s visual identity through the creation of a unified system of design elements such as logos, colours, typography and layout. The brand design of a brand is the aesthetic manifestation of its positioning and personality. As a result, the most effective brand design is guided by strategy and informed by research.

When executed well, the findings of research and strategic plan come to life in your websites, marketing content, packaging and so on. But, before you can start creating any of these elements, you must first identify the elements that will go into them.

What Does Brand Design Include?

The creation of the fundamental components that define a brand’s visual identity is an important part of brand design. Since they are elements of a brand’s visual identity, these elements must work together. 


Colours are crucial in brand design. Each colour has a unique effect on the psychology of a brand’s target audience. Understanding that impact is critical for making the most of colours in brand design. Learn about the importance of a good logo by reading our previous article. 


A logo is a brand’s first impression of the world. A logo is a meaningful aesthetic symbol that has the power to communicate the essence of a brand to all who see it in a visual instant. Learn about the importance of a good logo by reading our previous article. 


Fonts and typefaces are distinct design elements in that they each function as their design system. Typefaces add a distinct, readymade personality to your brand because they are meticulously and purposefully designed. Learn the importance of typography by reading our previous article. 


The way visual elements are organised and placed about one another is the foundation of effective design. This is referred to as layout. The layout of a design helps give it meaning and makes it aesthetically attractive. It maintains balance from page to page and employs an intuitive hierarchy that makes visual communication simple to navigate.

About Be My Social

When it comes to brand design, the elements listed above are just the foundation. Putting a brand’s design into action isn’t easy. Effective execution is the result of a tried and tested procedure. Here at Be My Social, we aim to help businesses of all sizes with their marketing needs. We are already supporting brands to improve every aspect of their design, marketing and communications. Our dedicated graphic designers are on hand to help you bring your business to life with their brand design skills! Contact us today by calling us on 01302 494 050 or follow us on Instagram to see our work.