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Successful SEO and Social Media Explained

When starting any business or building a brand, it can be hard to fully understand how to implement search engine optimisation (SEO) and manage your social media platforms effectively. How to attract your target audience, successfully share content and be as active as possible can get on top of someone trying their best to operate a small business. Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there to aid in constructive social media management and SEO implementation.

Here at Be My Social, we provide social media strategies and SEO in Doncaster and across the country. We can draft up content for both your website and social networks; as well as schedule posts and boosting your marketing efforts. Read our article below to discover how you can improve your SEO and social media performance.

Articles and Social Media Promotion

In order to attract your target audience to your site, your content needs to be related to what they’re searching. To do this, try to focus on topics related to your brand, and implement keywords into the text. These keywords relate to what your audience is searching, and can help boost your presence on search engines such as Google. This online marketing strategy is a sure-fire way to have more of a presence, and be a more dominant figure in your line of business.

To incorporate these articles into your social media strategy, you can centre topics around the articles you produce. Not only does this draw attention to the professional content you’re producing on your site, but it can keep people there to browse your products. It’s also a welcome break to your social media followers if you’re constantly plugging products, and can show your dedication to your brand. Here at Be My Social, we can create search engine optimised copy to help you rank on search engines, by using a tool called SE Ranking. This allows us to track keywords that you’re ranking for, and ones you could do better at hitting.

Engage and Analyse

If you wish to gain a large following, you need to be as engaging as possible. Your social media content needs to speak to your target audience directly; written in a tone of voice and style that they can relate to. Try asking them questions or starting polls to get engagement soaring. If customers comment and ask questions themselves, be as professional as your tone will allow when answering them.

You should always aim to analyse your engagement using analytical tools, especially if you’re operating a social media marketing strategy. This also applies to your keyword strategy. By monitoring what posts and words are performing well, you can see where you need to improve, and what you need to drop. As a marketing agency in Doncaster, we can schedule posts based on what your audience is interacting with the most. You can view our full list of services here.

Be Active

There’s nothing worse than a social media account going stale. It drives away interest and traffic and can affect the authority and professionalism of your business. When people access your social media accounts to see there hasn’t been a new post for several years, it can lead them to think you’re no longer in business, which can drive away sales. You need to be active online in today’s more technologically advanced age, so make sure you keep up with the competition.

Here at Be My Social, we can implement effective social media management to keep you online and engaged. As well as operating an exemplary SEO strategy, we can showcase these articles on your social media channels to improve the professionalism of your site and lead your audience to you. To inquire further about how we can help businesses like yours, please click here.